Added value

Evolve the true value of your organization by turning data into information with the help of search tools.

360 degree view

Kavosh tools provide a 360-degree view of your organization in a single pane of glass

Data integration

No matter which software you use to hold your data, Kavosh aggregate them for you.

Kavosh news

The management dashboard is a way to aggregate and analyze the most valuable assets of your organization.

Use Kavosh management tools to aggregate your organization's data in any form, and any software you have, and decide better.

Our services


The Kavosh Analytical Team will help you identify and review key performance indicators in the organization and provide the best examples of performance enhancements
We fully integrate all the information resources of your organization
Implementing all dashboards and indicators produced by the analytics team is entirely our responsibility
Support and development is an integral part of software tools. We guarantee this in least 120 months


.Data is one of the most valuable assets of any organization that is not usually used
.Kavosh can integrate, analyze these data and Obtain information from them


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